All of our acrylic perspex sheets have a protective coating on both sides.  Our acrylic glass prints will have a protective coating on the front only.

This can either be a frosted plastic that looks like it has lots of scratches and scuffs on it, or it could be a brown paper cover. These are designed to protect the acrylic during transit and handling and should be peeled off before use.

We recommend the following steps:

1) Place your acrylic sheet on a flat, smooth surface that will not scratch the acrylic (a soft towel on a kitchen table etc)

2) Start peeling from any corner and pull the coating away from the acrylic

3) Flip the acrylic over and peel the protective coating off the other side

4) Using a soft micro fibre cloth wipe over both sides of the acrylic to remove any dust or fluff before inserting it into your frame.

If after you've peeled the protective coating from both sides the acrylic still has any imperfections, scratches or damage. Please take a picture and contact us and we'll organise a replacement for you.