The first step is to email us within 24 hours of receiving the package, please include the following

Order Number:

Description of Damage/Defect:

Attached Images of Damage/Defect

Please keep the damaged or defective goods and the packaging as they may need to be collected by the courier for an insurance assessment.

From there our team will work to rectify any damages or defects that are apparent. 

Please see our coverage below

Minor Damage/Defect*

If you receive an item with minor damage we will offer you a free repair or replacement for the damaged component(s).

Major Damage/Defect*

If you receive an item with major damage we will offer you a full replacement of the damaged item or you may request a full refund. 

Glass Damage/Defect

If the only component that has been damaged is the glass, we will offer a free upgrade to a sheet of acrylic plexiglass as a replacement, as glass cannot be shipped alone.

The acrylic sheets come with the following benefits:

  • Extremely durable, very low risk of breakage in transit.
  • Lighter, easier to hang.
  • Easier to handle (less risk of breakage when inserting image).
  • 94% UV Resistant, protects prints from fading.
  • No visible difference between acrylic and glass.
  • Framing grade quality, will not fade or become cloudy.

Alternatively we can refund the price paid for the glass component and you can source a sheet locally, please note that we can only refund our price charged for the glass and cannot cover the difference in price for local replacements.

*Please note our definitions of Minor and Major Damage are as follows

Minor Damage/Defect: Damage or manufacturing defects that has occured to easily replacable components for example glass being cracked or a chip in the frame.

Major Damage/Defect: Damage or manufacturing defects that has occured to the majority of components, or damage that has occured to the product/components that are not easily repaired or replaced. 

We'll do our best to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues with damage in transit or manufacturing faults.