This is a side-loading frame. That means that one side of the picture frame must be taken off. This allows the glass, matting, and backboard to be removed so that the artwork can be mounted.

1) Place your frame face down on a flat surface, for example a kitchen bench with a tea towel. This will help protect the front of the frame from scratching or sliding



2) Remove the rubbers or spring clips, which hold the frame contents against the front of the frame using a small flat head screwdriver

3) Using a Phillips head screwdriver (size #2 recommended), loosen one screw in the corner brackets at both ends of the side you chose to remove. Gently press down on the screwdriver while turning anti clockwise (left)

The edges of the frame components can be sharp. It is recommended that you use gloves while handling them



3) Remove the glass, mat and backboard from the frame

4) Mount the picture to the back of the mat or backboard with acid free tape

5) Insert the glass, mat and backboard back into the frame and reassemble the side that was removed

6) Replace the rubbers or spring clips on each side of the frame. Rubbers or Spring clips can be left out if the gap is very small